Une Salle de Séjour en Anneau

Location : Chartres, France
Program : housing
Plot area : 1,200 m²
Built area : 593 m²

The site is located in Chartres 80km southwest of Paris, France.

This is a housing project in the suburbs of Paris. It was planned as a stand alone scheme in forest which occupies most of this area. The setting is a vast tranquil site. In addition to family houses, weekend houses for people living in Paris as guest was part of the brief.

In order that Japanese wife may transmit Japanese culture in exotic ground France, opening various courses of Japanese culture and people considered it as the house which can touch Japanese culture.

The whole structure is connected in one living space. This domain is also the main passage through the residence.
It is the family’s living space, as well the guest’s living space. All the places where there is a transfer of Japanese culture are also arranged along the permeter of this ring. They serve as a ring of Japanese activities.