Présenté par WORK shop, L’AMÉRIQUE et CHINE

Salon du Fromage a été présenté par le magazine chinois WORK shop publié en Novembre 2011.

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nom : WORK shop Creative Commercial Space Concept issue 02
éditeur : David Choi
date de sortie: 11/2011
taille : 30.5 x 23 x 3 cm

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restaurant designed by KOTARO HORIUCHI

Kotaro HORIUCHI established his own firm, kotaro horiuchi architecture in Tokyo, Nagoya and Paris in 2009, after gaining experience through world renowned architecture firms such as : DPA – Dominique Perrault Architecture (France), Mecanoo Architecten (The Netherlands), and PPAG – Popelka Poduschka Architekten (Austria).

As an up-coming young new generation architect. Kotaro HORIUCHI works on multiple projects around the world. His projects include both new construction and renovations of residentials, retails, offices, public housings, hotel, and spas.

He manages offices in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Paris.

Salon du Fromage
location : Paris 1st district france
built surface : 73m2

A wall with 3 curved surfaces was designed to softly wrap around itself at the center of the space on the ground and 1st floor of the existing building, built during the 18th century.
Inside the building, customers can see the superposition of cheese selling spaces and degustation spaces through the holes in the walls, like trough a piece(space) of cheese cellar.
In the very narrow space of the ground floor, customers can enjoy the view while tasting cheese: a large refrigerated display cabinet displaying 350 varieties of cheese.
Customers can select cheeses in the refrigerated cabinet and savor them in the room.
Stairs nested inside the central curved wall give access to the restaurant on the first floor. The furniture is square shaped and the room has view on an open kitchen. The space is furnished with tables and chairs and customers can select wines while enjoying a raclette or a cheese fondue.
The restaurant with an open kitchen has been design to host various events such as cheese seminars, wine classes or cooking classes.

chaise pliente
Material : fiberglass
Color : white, black
Dimensions : chair / 45cm x 45cm x 90cm

This chair was created for the “Salon du Fromage”.
Easy to fold, just like a thin paper, this chair is made of four squares of 45cm side and 3mm thick. The chair is made of fiberglass to give strength to the structure.

table pliente
Material : fiberglass
Color : white, black
Dimensions : table / 75cm x 75cm x 75cm

This table was created for the “Salon du Fromage”.
Easy to fold, just like thin paper, this table is made of three squares of 75cm side and 3mm thick.
The table is made of Fiberglass to give strength to the structure. The countertop of the table can be pierced with holes of various sizes that can be just covered with glass to match the decor, hold a plant in its pot, a raclette grill or a cheese fondue set with its portable cooking stove. (cable can be easily passed through the holes and connected to a plug on the floor)

lumière coupée
Material : Corian®(composite of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate)
Color : white, black
Dimensions : 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm, 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm, 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm, 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm

This lighting was created for the “Salon du Fromage”.
Shaped like a cube, this lightning has many round holes of various sizes that create interesting lights and shadows in the room. The accumulation of these lightning reminds the holes in the walls and gives a unique atmosphere to the space.
Cut in 6 mm thick thermoformed Corian®, it has a milky color that let the light glow trough the material. The design, without neither juncture nor sharp angles, is soft to the eye.

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