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Villa Toiture featured Italian web site designboom published on 15th January 2012.

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paris-based japanese architecture firm kotaro horiuchi have designed ‘the roof residence’, a compilation of three dwellings encompassed
under a roof. located in the southwest of paris, in the rural area of maintenon, france, the surrounding landscape consists of grasslands,
forests and creeks. to integrate the natural vistas, the 7m high triangular structure has perforations, allowing the environment to penetrate
into a partially enclosed garden. the interior houses a restaurant, guest rooms and a living space for three married couples with children.
the separate compartments are connected by a communal kitchen.

location: maintenon, france
program: residential, accommondation spa
plot area: 2,000 m²
built area: 150 m²

カテゴリー: 未分類   パーマリンク