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The siste is located in Maintenon 65km southwest of Paris, France. The Residential suburb of Paris inhabited afamily of three married couples and children.
Spontaneous grounds surrounded by vast grasslandsare and forests open as a place of rest for the weekend of Parisien, give healing to life in the city while enjoying the open-air bath in nature.

This residential is called “The Residential of Roof”, is composed of the entire roof from regulation inherited in this region traditionally that 40-degree slope of the roof and 7m height, in another house to make the inside of the roof, while protecting the traditionalregulation of forms, tried to create another inside garden between the roof and house.
The inside housing is divided into two parts living-restaurant for guests and residences for clients,are connected by kitchen.
Each room has inside space that open to nature.

location : Maintenon, FRANCE
program : residential, Accommondation Spa
plot area : 2,000 m²
built area : 150 m²

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