présenter par archdaily, L’AMÉRIQUE

Salon du Fromage a été présenter par magazine japonais archdaily a publié au 12 Mars 2011.

[contenus publiés en anglais]
A wall with curved surfaces was designed to softly wrap around the space on the ground and 1st floor of the existing building of the 18th century.

Pierce this wall of the space for sell the cheese on ground floor and the space for eat the cheese on the 1st floor in the existing building, it integrally changes to the space like the cave of the cheese.

In the very narrow space of the ground floor, refrigerated display units with different diameter and heights cylindrical, according to each 350 cheese, are placed like customers can walk around to appreciate cheese in this space.

Customers select and taste anxious cheese and they can find and savor them in the space. Pass through a wall with curved surfaces and go up the stairs, there is a restaurant on 1st floor. Freely create open kitchen area to suit various application by various cube kitchen table.

The space is furnished with tables and chairs and customers can select wines while enjoying a raclette or a cheese fondue. The restaurant with an open kitchen has been design to host various events such as cheese seminars, wine classes or cooking classes.

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