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athens public housing featured American web site Architizer published on 9th February 2011.

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‘Eating’ is one of the most crucial and basic activities of human existence. Relocation of ‘Eating’ space from interior space to exterior space will result in expanding the activity of ‘communication’ into open communal spaces. Traditional eating space will be removed from buildings and relocated to shared space called TABLE.
By removing the ’Eating’ functions from the building program, the size of the floor space in the building will be kept to minimum functions. The conventional private activity of eating will transform into a new type of communal communication space.
Dwellings, such as dormitory and housing units, traditional compartments of ‘Dining room’ and ’Kitchen’ are transformed into the exterior communal space TABLE.
Hotels, offices and restaurants will also have TABLE. Educational, library and public buildings will also create TABLE. Connecting different types of programs through the continuous space ‘TABLE ‘.

TABLE will bring us the new type of eating and communication culture in contemporary urban lifestyle.

The site is in the historical Kerameikos and Metaxourgeio district (KM) that is probably the least populated part of downtown Athens. The required programme is the housing unit should be capable of hosting 18 students in 440M2 of primary use. And a general plan with a viral-type development scenario is required.

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