présenter par designboom, ITALIE

centre de musique pop Taïpeï a été présenter par site internet italien designboom a publié au 22 Janvier 2011.

[contenus publiés en anglais]
kotaro horiuchi has proposed an architectural design called ‘arashi’ for the new
pop music center in taipei competition. the structure has been designed with
‘functional towers’ that are connected by public zones. the principal towers
comprise of different areas such as an outdoor auditorium, live house for audio
recording and rehearsals, offices, library and exhibition.
a skin of aluminum tubes will be covering the wall and roof. this material will allow passing
draft to enter the building and, thus, reduce air conditioning costs during summer heat. in fact,
the skin will keep the temperature of the interior 2-10° c lower. as the wall tubes are light
and air permeable, the boundaries between the interior and exterior are blurred.

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